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Welcome to X+Y!

Our mission is to empower data scientists to make impact for their industry and for the society with the newest academic insights.

What we do

There is a high demand for data scientists and the trend is here to stay. Data scientists have different backgrounds including: econometrics, artificial intelligence, mathematics, computer science, physics, and many more.
These data scientists are smart and ambitious people that would like to continue learning and make an impact for society. However, this is a challenge because of the extreme differences in salary when you are, for example, a PhD student or a consultant.
With this situation in mind, we are dedicated to help these data scientists. This means that we help them to stay updated with the newest academic insights (heard of generative adversarial networks already?) and bring them into contact with organisations that have the potential to add value to society. Whether that is in the form of hackathons, combining two part-time jobs or through meetups, depends on what the community of X+Y wants, meaning you!

Join the community

Currently, we are investigating the best collaboration possibilities for all parties involved. These parties include companies, universities and non-profit organisations. Collaboration possibilities are endless but we need to find the right fit, creating value for all.
Click on one of the buttons to join our community and help us with our puzzle to create jobs for the smart and enthusiastic data scientists out there that want to make real impact with their skills

Who are we?

We are Milan Jelisavcic and Jacqueline Heinerman and we are PhD students at the VU University in Amsterdam. We believe that we, data scientists, can create more impact for industry and society if we manage to collaborate across companies and organisations. Feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions. You can reach us via email:

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